Some talk about radiation


Im trying to build an Android Mobile Automated Farm and im thinking about the health risks of being exposed to more than 100-200 mobiles + 3-5 sms gateways for an hour daily. The sms gateway is something like this:

And the android devices are common 1/2gb ram cheap devices.

What do you think?


Great, can you write a tutorial?


A tutorial about what? Can you please stop spamming the forum?!


Hell, that sounds awesome :slight_smile:

Regarding your question: well, I think its a good question and for sure, it might be better to avoid the radiation.
I also believe you may get some good answers on this topic on QUORA. Some people have really good knowledge and sources, so I would recommend to post your “radiation”-question there.


I suppose it might help:


Oh man, try to find some place to spend your time as distant as possible from those cell phones.


Just heat radiation no scientific proof of phone radiation being unhealthy


I’m not so sure about that


sure there is a lot of evidence for it but also against it. Same with if meat is healthy or not, milk or not, etc…
but i actually talked with a few physicists about it in person and they are not so convinced