Some true words of Gary Vee


Yeah given recent events I think we should all be grateful for where we are as a community and ourselves

this is a quote from one of my favorite movie Swingers:

“You don’t look at the things you have, you only look at the stuff you don’t have… I’m telling ya the future is beautiful…”

I truly believe that the fact all of us are struggling and swinging our minds around means that we’re all onto something greater and its our trials and tribulations. We’ll all make it there :slight_smile:


Am I the only one not worried at all? I mean, I make 6+ figures from this business, and I’m typically an anxious little shit, but right now I’m just chilling.


Honestly bro Social Media regarding each platform will never be sustainable for a long term living. Instagram will die as Twitter/Tumblr/Myspace in its eventual term. What makes it so fulfilling is that we can take this knowledge for the next big platform and capitalize/monetize for even greater results than the last. All of us just need to be adaptable and malleable to any situation

I’m not worried because at the end of it all I will still be carrying my mind and knowledge with me to the next venture if it does get to be that bad


Same boat.

This just doesn’t feel like it’s the end


I feel like I should be worried but I’m not. Recently partnered with a few people here and my income more than doubled. I need to buy a new van for travel, and have tons of plans and I need this to work out for that to happen, yet for whatever reason, I’m not worried at all.


FYI the video I posted was not regarding the follow block discussions. I actually wanted to bring in some fresh air with a different topic


so obvious, not a special speech. Ony thing is the way he tells this stuff, funny

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Real talk doesnt have to be special

everything is real, what makes a talk real or not real?
while it’s easy to define what is obvious or what is not.

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Okay let’s open the dictionary and I will define my words clearly. People who are conscious vs the people who aren’t. People who are pointing with the finger to the others vs people who are always thinking about what they can do by themselves to make things better.

You got it?

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Thanks for the share :slight_smile:

That is a good attitude :sunny:

I said it before and I will say it again. Garyvee is the real hustler regardless what people say.

I’m going to thank him forever because he paid an ad on facebook that reached my timeline and showed me an oportunity.
Garyvee the real MVP!

That’s some good mindset stuff. Long term thinking has always seen me through the frustrations.

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Yap, totally agree with him.
Too much rudeness. Everyone have their own F* problem.
SO please be nice to each other.
Make the world a better place with treat each other nicely.


Fan of Gary vaynerchuk for 3 years now always checking out his podcasts he can replace caffeine in this world xD His goal is to one day buy the New York Jet
you wont see these type of GOALS that much lol
Love hem!


Yap me too…
I really liked with the content that he make.