Somebody explain this please! IG 100% DETECTS US


Operations that use a 1:1 clone of the “protocol” also have more issues than usual.

So this is not just a client fingerprint.


You can also “see” if the data was stored locally and then served in other moment. You need very basic tools even if the info was encrypted.

As an experiment I wouldn’t care about the data itself, would be enough to detect if it was saved or transmitted.


They’re detecting us some way. I do think software is traceable, but not sure how. It could be something as simple as it hiding too much data. Once they have that first discrepancy, they then can setup their own values to track like > did they complete 100 follows per day in the past 7 days > did they connect to a new device from a new location and reset device ID more than once?

etc, you get the point, but this video about how Facebook fights spam talks about it a bit. At about the 32:00 mark.