Somebody explain this please! IG 100% DETECTS US

Today I’m getting blocks. It’s been slow on accounts that are new using J. Even after about 20 follows I have an action block.

NOW GET THIS… what has really got me is that I tested 2 new accounts. Both created using J with individual proxies and both profiles created a minute apart.

One was passed over to my mate with the log in details with his 4g data and his iphone9 never having IG on before. He edited the bio uniquely itself and also the full name and username still using his phone. (I’m not using any actions on his account with J throughout)
He then posted 35 pictures from his phone. Some pics from his camera and some from the Internet. Firstly all without captions then about 20 minutes after he copy and pasted about 20 hashtags all all the posts.

After that he went in and followed absolutely random people. He managed to get up to about 450 in about 4 hours! We’re talking about an account that’s about 5 hours old!

What’s your thought guys? IG is 100% recognising auto bots!

I will add that he has no idea about blocks too so really it was incredibly aggressive for a new account. I don’t think he liked or commented. He hasn’t replayed to DMs as far as I can see.

So all above happened last night and the account still isn’t blocked on his phone but only on J after trying to follow 9 people in 20 minutes!

We really need to come together for this. I know I’m not the only one that needs this all to work as it puts food on our table! :pensive:


I completely agree with you @A_J ! Our softwares would need so much more human like behaviour. Things like scrolling, not emulating android chrome, rather browser from PC etc.

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So first, we don’t need chrome pc nor eb
Why ?
In his test he said that his friend managed to follow 450 in 5 hours through phone.
It was the ig application, so he did this through api

For me this test says a lots of thing, first it’s not about ip since some of us receive block on 4g. Here 4g was used with success
It’s not about settings, he went aggressive.
I don’t think it is about account creation. I could be wrong but it would mean that jarvee account creater creates quality accounts. Which i do not believe.

It is about software, they know if it’s a real device or not, they know if you scroll. And if we think about it, they don’t need to break how we create account, whats settings a bot have or what ip it has if they know it’s not a real device or know that we don’t scroll.

However since we don’t have the possibility to do otherwise i strongly advise everyone to make quality accounts, quality proxy, quality settings


I think they know from the very first follow if it’s a bot or not. Depends of the quality of account, how it was created, profiled etc. Then comes the warm up, and etc. They love it if the account doesn’t spam and post quality, unique accounts and captions that attract viewers. So there’s that

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Guys if you want to know how IG is detecting your device, location, etc, just run WireShark or other sniffing software, you will be able to see APIs, URLs and response with their headers.

Of course you can do this for any other app or web as well. With secure sites/apps you will encounter some difficulties but you always be able to “see” the packets.

(We tried with a virtual android environment and we were able to see all traffic)

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If Instagram had no bot accounts then I’m sure it would end up hurting the platform

“This discussion is confidential and not to be shared outside this email chain” :flushed::flushed:

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Where’d you guys manage to find an iPhone 9?


He’s had it since last year or the year before?

I tries to warm up with the new account but I get blocked after 3 or 5 follows. This is so screwed up :pensive:

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How many accounts are you using with it?
do you use proxy?

For the thousand time, this is related to account creation quality and proxy used

We may sniff and inspect all the transactions between app/browser and us as the client. But IG takes action on the collected info about your technical and actions info based on their closed-source algos, which we can only guess. We cannot ‘sniff’ that unless we have access to huge data sets over long periods of time (like they do).

iPhone 9 is something that does not exist :slight_smile:

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In this case doesn’t really matter what they do with the gathered information about your device and your behavior in the app, we were talking about how to check what they are collecting so we can “emulate” what the official client does. They are saving the taps, well we need to send them taps, they are saving how we scroll or pintch, we need to give them that, easy as that :slight_smile:

I have a s9+. His is an iPhone is all I know. I am not a fan of apple at all do I was ignorant when he told me what phone he has. :joy:

Hey they will look for your email and ban you. That’s what the disclaimer is about…

If they didn’t saved scrolls or taps they didn’t know to show you the resulted actions on the screen…

@thetraveller no no no :slight_smile: taps, pinches, clicks, scrolls, etc are events, the app is programmed to do certain action every time that the event occurs but it doesn’t mean that the events are “saved” or “recorded”.
It’s 100% possible… but only with sniffing you can tell if those “signals” are sent to the server or store locally or whatever the developer wanted to do with them.

I hope is more clear now, didn’t want to get too technical…

Note: same applies to any website or webapp, at the end are just another kind of applications.

When a scroll is made the transaction contains it, so you will see it went through, so if IG saves it like you say, or not, depends on their internals. By sniffing, you will see the scroll action went to the server, but if it was saved or taken any further action on it after that, is at IG knowledge.