Somebody is mad! Blog post about automation

Just saw this blog/article posted and thought you guys might enjoy the read. Can’t say the guy is wrong on a few points, but he really does seem vindictive and upset about it… or maybe he has more of a conscience than we do? He loves to use the word cheat.

Copy and paste, don’t want to give them the referrals back to us:

The best part is the Instagress reply:

After reading, what are your thoughts? Should he add his Instagress referral code to the post? :joy:

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Nobody in their right mind will blog about MP. Because it’s not a child’s play program. Except for imristo, nobody will come up with such a long post about MP. :laughing:

Anyway TLDR. Photogs have dignity. We bot for different niches, we don’t need to care as much. Photogs, IE, real photogs, not duck face selfies every 5 minutes, attention seeking, who**s

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Haha! Risto would say something positive, though.

I totally agree with that, as a photographer. Though personally I’m pretty humble about it :grinning:

I could not find the reply. Could you post it here? The Instagress reply.

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I think it got deleted. Tried the cached version of the page as well, could not find it.

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Yep. It’s deleted. Dunno by which party.

But the gist of it is, they first thanked them for the free promo, offered this guy 1 year of free access, and talked about his settings being unoptimized etc, and point out some tips to yield better results.

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can’t find it too…

and someone thinks this is a article staged by Instagress


The conspiracy theorists are always watching lol

HAHA! Sucks that it got deleted, they wrote a great lengthy answer about how he was doing it wrong. MAN!!

I was considering copying and pasting it but figured it would last… hopefully they try again, keep your eyes peeled.

Guess you can try here and hope they repost it:

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There is an Instagress shareholder/founder etc who is crazy active on reddit. He just spams anything he can with how great Instagress is, super annoying.

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I know a few people over at hootesuite, and I found this article super funny… they tried as hard as they could to get banned IMO.

Copy paste y’all.

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I still had the tab open from last night…

Instagress • 10 hours ago
Hi there! Greetings from the Instagress Team! We read your article and wanted to reach out. We see that you’re struggling to use Instagress correctly, so we’ve added a free year of our service to your Instagram account, first for the great free promotion you’ve given us, and secondly so you can learn to use the product to get real targeted results. Please contact and we’ll help you to set up your Targeting correctly, so you aren’t targeting spammy tags, and users from other countries. Here to help :wink:

First of all, wow—conducting research for two years is really cool and thorough. We enjoyed reading the article, although there are some points that aren’t quite 100% factual, so we’d love to give you and your readers some more information.

Instagress helps people discover and engage with Instagram users in their target audience. We’ve developed tons of customization options to help you interact with real accounts you’d actually be interested in. Automation may have a bad reputation, but it’s really not so different from interacting with users on the Instagram app. Instagram automation can give powers to many good people, such as local businesses who find new clients they wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. It’s very hard to start a business online if you don’t have enough money for advertising. Instagress is an affordable way to interact with real targeted accounts on Instagram. In fact, we heard from one user who actually met her finace through an automated Instagress interaction. We couldn’t believe it either, but it’s true! Lots of good things can come through automation, when used correctly.

  1. You mentioned that you set up Instagress two years ago and then didn’t really tweak your Settings. If you read our blog posts and tips and tricks, you’ll see that we recommend that you do the exact opposite—definitely try different Targeting methods and change them frequently, as hashtags are constantly fluctuating in quality. Additionally, we offer Targeting for not only just Tags, but also Locations and Usernames, so you should definitely try these methods. Locations are helpful when trying to target users in a specific geographic area, and Usernames are helpful when you want to engage with the followers of specific accounts.

You also said in the article that you were getting a lot of followers from different countries. This is because you didn’t explore our Location Targeting, but rather chose to focus on Tags only. We give users all the power to adjust their Settings as they see fit. Of course, this means that sometimes users don’t explore all of our targeted features, as in your case.

  1. You probably missed a lot of our new features in these two years, which we developed specifically to combat fake, spammy accounts like our User Profile Filter. The User Profile Filters makes it so that you don’t interact with accounts that have no bio, less than 15 photos, and other spammy-characteristics. We don’t want Instagress to be used for spammy reasons, and we don’t want our users to interact with spammy accounts. We’re always innovating to combat spam, just like Instagram.

  2. We don’t recommend that anyone use Instagress 24/7. Of course, you have the power to, but Instagress is just one component of a healthy Instagram marketing strategy. That’s why we created the Schedule feature, which allows you to schedule when your Instagress is active. Let’s say you only run Instagress while you’re asleep, then you can engage with accounts on your Instagram app during the daytime. Instagress is never a replacement for a social media strategy. An extra bonus: When your Schedule is Paused, your Time isn’t running, so you get the best value for your money.

Feel free to ask us any questions. We’re always here to help!


Welp, I guess I won’t do it since they did it for me :joy:

Thanks @trolling4dollars nice save, archived for internet history.

There is one thing that they posted, and really hope we’ll get something like it for MP one day: