Someone who wants to make a group of likes and comments exchange related to fitness?or exchange in general

greetings to all from Spain I registered in the forum for the problem of follow block that we are all having and I see that the thing is going to get worse and we have to be smart so I propose that we make exchange groups of likes and comments but I have also read that the new algorithm would detect this type of groups … my question is how can you detect this? If there is anyone interested in creating the group I will create it myself

I am interested, give us more details of your idea, how you want to implement it?

Let’s say you manage to find 10 people for the comments exchange group.

If all 10 are commenting to every post over and over again, how do you think Instagram can detect that?

The idea is to tell us when we publish and give us a like and comment by setting some rules and limits

my english is not very good you want to tell me that instagram is going to discover it or not?

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Yes, IG can detect that, but… if those accounts follow each other, the interaction won’t be flagged, you will be doing the same like real people would do… if those X accounts interact with each other IG will be more than happy because you are spending time in the platform. We can speak in Spanish if you like as well.

I will try to speak in English hehe then the key is that we follow each other? If you want to send me your number by private and we are doing it the problem is that I now have a follow block but when they remove it, we add it and we will do it

Nobody else is interested? Although it is not fitness, the idea is to support each other

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