Something i don't understand about the 5 accounts for 1 ip

hii friend i have a small Q that i don’t understand about the 5 accounts for one IP

yes i know that IG aloud you to use 5 accounts on the same IP ( or one phone)
so my question is this …

if i have a big office and i have 20+ computer’s in it
so as i know all the PC in the office get the same outing IP
so for this 20+ PC i can run only total 5 IG accounts (5 accountsfor the all office) ?
it’s no logical

or that i can run 5 accounts on every one computer?

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as far as i know , if you have a 4g network you can run 20 accounts on the same ip .

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It depends on the type of IP. You can use more than 5 accounts per 1 IP adress if your IP is residential/mobile one

how can i know what it the type of my IP ?

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Are you talking about your office IP? If yes, then it’s highly likely residential IP adress

its not really 20 Pc office
its 3 i give a big amounts for the explanation be more easy

so if its an office/house so it definitely not a 4G network? if im understand 4G network its only on mobile phones?

and about the residential ip how can i know if residential ?
if its help the ip of the office is static and can’t be charged

i don’t want to get the ip black list so i never try running more than 5 accounts on it
this is what that can happened to get the ip black list?

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Your internet in the office could be mobile too if the person who set it up used the mobile router with a real sim card. In other cases, it should be a residential IP.
I don’t think you can check it, but I believe you have an internet service provider in your office, so it means your IP is residential afaik

You can ask your Internet provider to allow you more IPs port, ‘‘it’s a paid option’’ then you may root the traffic to each device separately, this way you’re safe!! it’s a better option if you are managing accs then proxies, but depend on the availability and pricing in your country!!

Home/ business no more than 2-3 per IP address. It’s not about the number of accounts it is about the number of actions per line. To many and you got blocks. To many blocks it will be flagged.


If it’s your home IP, you can run 5 accounts at the same time without issues.

If you purchase IP from other providers, run 1-3 accs per IP.

If you purchase IPv6, run 1 acc per IP.

If you purchase mobile proxies, you can run 15-20 accs max. per proxy

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ok my friends first of all thank you all for your replays

so now one more Q

if im understand you completely the best IP is a mobile 4G

so maybe it be the best to buy a USB dongle and buy sim card and connect it to the PC
and some how to make jarvee run on it like proxy

someone try to do it ?

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In general, yes, but it straightly depends on the number of actions per each account.
If u simply login into the account and scroll the feed and do a couple of likes - there would be no issues at all. The same way it works public wi-fi cafes (hot spots) But in case u r going to run accounts with a huger number of actions - 3-5 accounts per 1 IP and no more.

You can do that. U connect the USB dongle to one of your PCs - this PC gets a new IP. IP of mobile internet provider (ISP) then u run the Jarvee at this PC and set the Jarvee to run accounts with no proxies


and if i want to do it differently
to make the all internet PC to run on my office internet
and for jarvee only run the USB sim mobile like proxy
and maybe to put a USB hub and connect 4 USB dongle at the same time
what do you think it possible to do ?

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All is possible, but In your case would be much easier to use 1 usb dongle per 1 pc, rather than setup the proxy server.

but how can i set the pc to work on my regular office ip
and only jarvee to work on the usb dongles ?

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That is a great question, I’ve a customer here that have 4 stores and many employees, at least 14 people use the instagram + myself and I guess it’s being used in at least 5 locations simultaneously.

They are working with me for 6 months, instagram never asked for PV from this account, so it’s pretty hard to be sure how it works, I guess they looks for the amount of activities on the account more than how many are logged in or how many is in the residential IP.

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For me the 5 accounts per IP is a myth, this will depend on many factors & above all the IP quality & the actions made via the IP!!

There are many triggers and only testing will let you know if you IP WILL support more or less ACCS with a certain actions number…CAP

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Totally agreed with that.

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