Something need to be clarified concerning Fake pannels

Most of them give some package with (views+impression+like…) and even if we choose to go slowly and dripfeed (btw its onlly for churnburn account not main ones lol) , the engagement we receive is from totally different user , i mean do they think ig is this much dumb to believe a user that didnt view a video and yet liked will be considered a ‘real’ one ?

What i want to know is wether or not you guys know a pannel that can send engagement from same users means the one who commented will be same who gave ‘impression’… that way they will have an effect on the post , not like if they didnt exsted lol .

otherwise i think its clearly not impactful and will not work , i see ytb pannels much more sophisticated and adapted to how algorithm work than ig one that are so random and easy to detect

By the title i think that you have problem with panels that don’t deliver the order or that you wait for many hours before start.

The truth is that they never told you that you will got views+impressions+likes from same accounts.

For this service that you are looking just to know it will not be so cheap as you see the prices on every panel.

Because for the instagram to count views+impressions+likes , comment, story views… that profiles first need to follow your profile.

In this case you will get much better engagement but for your post to go on explore you always need views+impressions+likes from users that are not your followers.

For ex from # or from “other”.

And for youtube is much more easy to make the same profile to do everything because youtube not ban your profile in 1 min like insta.

What makes you think this is a requirement?

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lol i think you didnt understand at all my message , i know how they work and i know most of them are resellers so blaming them will not be something legitimate to do , if you read well what i ask is wether or not there is a similar solution for this or pannels providing this type of service in a more advanced way and not just engagement for the sake of engagement and to look big ,imo its pretty good for socialproof but to rely on them to give tht little boost like i said , its not best way thats why i look for better alternative , no personna thing or probem with them .

and for this its clearlly the reason why i created this thread , accounts that get banned in 1 min like you said are not the good way to get boost in terms of reach thanks to them , maybe a service that at least have botted accounts but well warmed … will stay longer and then do (like+impression) at the same time and the impact will be direct

90% of my post on many profiles that go on explore is with likes from the # .

I talk for small profiles 1000-10k followers after 10k is easier till you get 100k.

Also have many other factors to go on explore but i think engagement outside your followers are very important :slight_smile:

I understand your message i don’t want to blame you for anything.
i know very good how panels work and that 99% are reseller that don’t give a shit what will client get after add funds on the panel.

They can’t make the service you ask for and many people look for that kind of service because:

  1. They are resellers and can’t do anything and don’t know anything :slight_smile:)

2.If they make that kind of service it will crash 100% in 2-3 week max 1 month because they will suck the blood from that account again or they will not have profit at all because many people will buy for sure and resellers can’t make for ex 1 pool of 2k account to be only for 200-300 user and 2 pool to be for other 200-300 users.

yeah but it can be for example done as ‘exclusive’ or premium service that way only few can use it and account would better quality+their impact much more important but ike you said cant be found on simple resellers sites , need to be a site from the provider of those accounts but thats not easy to find …

Can I PM you?
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haha ok go pm

This is true with a warning – insta knows from where those likes saw the post from – either a feed, share, explore, dm, repost – however, any other type of like coming from a non follower is known. Gone are the days of likes pumping to explore for a fee.


exactly that’s what i meant with pannels globally tend to work more for socialproof rather than a real impact on the post itself , hope many pannels take into consideration this , even if i dont think so lol since most of them just ressell so they cant change this , the best thing would be services (like powerlikes…) , but this time its warmed accounts , and we choose what the accounts need to follow,wether or not they continue engaging on next coming posts…

that way if those account have history of engaging with similar niche accounts when they come like,view,follow our main account , then here it will surely work , more we can control from where they come (hashtags,feed…) the better it is

but anyway this is literally a dream service for anyone lol , just hope maybe that someone in the field read this and can make it happen it will change the game imo , most of the ones that do this have their own custom system and not doing it as a service .