Something to consider when creating new FB accounts

After using MP for a while - and studying FB in detail - you become fairly good at spotting fake accounts.

One of the giveaways (for me at least), although by no means definitive, are FB profiles with heaps of friends yet none sharing the same surname. Sure, there will be instances where people only want to share stuff with friends and not immediate family members, but real people generally include at least some family members within their inner circle.

So next time you’re creating FB profiles, particularly profiles you plan to use from the same IP address, why not give them the same surname?

It seems likely to me that if your account is subjected to a more detailed review this might be a factor (but certainly not the only one) in determining whether your account is legitimate or not. Who knows, it might even be something FB’s algorithm uses to pick up spam and rogue accounts???

In any case, having profiles that share common surnames just appears more “human”… and the more human you can make your profiles appear, the less likely they are to be banned.


I must admit, you spotted this really well. Never thought about this.

When I was creating accounts, actually editing bought accounts, I would always make fake accs friends with each other. I would add same school or college or place of living, something that connects them.

Another thing, I was adding couple of pics and set dates to 2010,2011,2012… and so on. It was easy back then since FB didn’t show when the pic was uploaded, they would only show the date you set. So if someone checks your profile manually, and by someone I mean administrator of the group that you want to join, it would look like the profile is old. For gods sake, I was even adding pics from weddings :smiley: Yep, my fake profiles were married.

Now something else came on my mind, I know we prefer creating fake female accounts, but maybe it would be good idea to create male accounts too and make each others in relationship :slight_smile: Set that info as public so everyone can see it. Looks more natural, right?

There’s a lot of things that can be done here, but we’re usually too lazy and always in a hurry to start campaign and make some money.


Interesting though, it would be interesting to test with 2-3 accounts that share the same name and maybe even go into FB and add the others as family there. So Fb will see that you’re family. This way you might even get away with promoting the same url on multiple accounts at the same time, why not after all :smiley:

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