"Something Went Wrong" EB DM Error

How can I fix the error in the EB when DMing new followers and their username is typed in and then when it clicks “Next” an error pops up saying “Something went wrong, please try again”

Is there anyway I can fix this error or is this an action block?

That’s a block. Maybe you’re sending DM too fast or IG doesn’t like something in your message. How many DMs do you send per operation and how long is the wait time? I would to switch to API if I were you, then switch back to EB after a few days.

I only have it set to send 1 DM per hour and only 5-10 per day right now. Sometimes they get blocked before even sending 1 DM though for the day. I have a huge spintax so I dont think its the content thats the issue. Im thinking maybe its my account quality but I will try switching to full API and see if that does any better.

They did something to DMs a couple months ago, and they’ve never been the same since. Some accounts cant send any, while others are able to send approx 25-35. Don’t seem to have trouble when sending manually.

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How long has your account been warmed up for?

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Some are years old that ive been using for a while some are weeks old

Do you have better success sending DMs through EB or full api?

Also yeah it seems manually works a bit better

full api