Something wrong or a secret that won`t be revealed?

Hello, i have about 15 accounts in free followers niche. Most of them have 2-3k followers each, bio is readable and looks legit. My sources are random american people which have about 800k followers each, and i have about 10 sources per account. I set up MP to get the recent 500 followers of each account.
Ive figured how to keep my account safe and unbanned for a longer time. However, my earnings are really really low and that's because i get only a very small number of clicks in bit ly. Im doing about 400-500 followers per day and 900 likes, per account. With this number i get about 7-8 clicks on, per account. Incredible low, i`ve read most people from here are getting x5 or even x10 more clicks per account with same niche.
My links are clickable and works, they are not banned by Instagram.
Profiles have profile picture according to the niche, username and name related to the niche.
If there is something wrong please tell me here, if there is any secret please PM me so i can pay for a solution and talks there.

Create trigger caption in every post for make people curious with contents behind the link in bio :slight_smile:

  1. Super saturated niche and harder to target than others, this has been around for a while so people have probably fallen for it before and learned not to bother.
  2. Most recent 500 followers of each account could be super old, they could have followed this celebrity account a week ago and why would they care about yours? You are looking for people who are looking RIGHT NOW for some followers
  3. Find great sources, accounts about being an online entrepreneur, about social media management, about growing brands, about follow for follow and like for like - I would try some new sources and try people that have interacted even more recently.
  4. What is your conversion rate from clicking the link to carrying out the action? Could be a bad call to action, not very good landing page, not convincing enough offer, not easy enough to complete.

This takes lots of work and thinking, though some people have found good templates to copy or just done things right accidentally. Work at it. Figure out what a small problem is and focus in on it, fix it, then move to the next.


Free followers niche is hard because there is no clear targeting. I’ve been doing it since September and still haven’t found good sources to follow.

Split your 15 accounts in 5 different niches and test them. I believe you will find a winning niche before you discover good follow sources for free followers niche.

I also tried giveaway niche, coupons niche. Same bad results, i really dont know why. The recent are not super old, because the sources ive checked get about 4-5k new followers each day.
My problem is that i don`t get click on Instagram to the link. Not what happens after.