Sooo, what is the best way to change region right now?

Hi there guys,
I just read up on the forum post that is already on this topic, but I wanted to make a new one that cuts right to the chase. I wanted to change my region from Croatia to USA, since my niche (photograohy) isn’t doing that well with Croatians. I have my account on a spare phone that doesn’t have a SIM card in it (second device and not my primary one). I installed NordVPN and tried posting two videos on TikTok. We’re going to see what happens in a few days till I get my analytics. But is this still a good option? No SIM+VPN? What do you guys recommend?
Thanks in advance guys!
P.S. with the no SIM+VPN, I see the USA trending hashtags and songs and the UI, since in my country it’s a little bit different.

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paging doctor @Nik

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Based on my own experience, and what I know about the app, they do not like VPN, and might suspend your account, if you keep doing this, even with a high quality one. Using a foreign SIM card + WiFi is your only option. It doesn’t even have to be active. As long as there’s service in your area, you’re good to go. They somehow detect it. I’ve been doing this since April. Didn’t even make a new account, just switched my SIM, and my audience is 100% the desired country, and that hasn’t changed yet.

Also, you don’t need to wait for your analytics. Simply check who’s interacting with your videos, especially the ones that are not following you. They clearly came from the FYP. You can see whether they’re from the States or Croatia. If the method works, you wouldn’t be seeing any croatians, unless they’re following you.

I rarely use hashtags on TikTok, so I can’t really help you with that.

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Has this been like that recently? I used to use a USA VPN on my phone and hit the FYP a couple of time, but I have noticed that the past few weeks I’m not hitting the FYP anymore and barely getting any exposure.