Sorry if i sound dumb but

Hey ! Honestly all this information is too much for my ADHD unmedicated self. I want to learn so bad but i feel so overwhelmed.

You guys are talking about running hundreds of accounts and having 15 different dongles . Scrapers and proxies and rotation and captcha tests and Ebs

Lord knows i am trying. I know what all the above names mean but i dont know how to apply it.

My business is on its knees yall. My goal is to get just 1 client per day. Possibly send 50dms a day . And follow 100 people per day. I also want to do like 100 story views .

Thats all.

Ive ended up down a crazy rabbit hole and am lost . Trying to buy a scraper but then it says 500 minimum . Why do i need 500 scrapers. How do i set them up. What about proxies . Is my residential proxy enough ?

I already tried to set up my own jarvee and unfortunately got temporarily blocked . Not sure why. My actions were like ive put above or maybe just abit more. But certainly less than 180 on each.

The tool didnt even get the chance to do all of these cuz it got blocked pretty soon after.

Can anyone help me please?

I will at most just use jarvee on 2 main accounts. Both are my very small businesses

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If you’re just using 2 accounts you don’t need to do that much…you should be able to run them on your home IP without issues.

You don’t need 500 scrapers…with just two accounts I wouldn’t even use any scrapers, just keep your actions low, warm up properly and you’ll be fine. If you do want scrapers, if there was a 500 purchase minimum I’m guessing you were looking at Aditya’s storefront…he has other scrapers with no minimum, they’re just slightly more expensive but no minimum. But there’s no point having scrapers on the same proxy as your home ISP which is why I suggest just using your accounts directly.

Jarvee has some great initial tutorials but they’re not the most effective. What I would suggest is make a new post (or add to this one) with screenshots of your initial settings you’re trying to use and maybe some people on here can see if there’s any glaring issues or offer some feedback to help.

The trick is to take it slow…but it sounds to me like your businesses are suffering and this is a last ditch effort to spike up business. If that’s the case my professional opinion is you hire someone to do this for you. Make a post in the WTB marketplace forum state your needs and your budget (I’d recommend at least $50-100/mo) and let someone experienced handle this so you can focus on your businesses which is the ultimate bigger picture for you.

You could spend a month or two fiddling trying to figure this out yourself and that’s another month or two you’re not bringing in a new client a day.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Can I ask you how many scrapers I need to scrape for just 1-2 max 3 accounts ?

Should these scrapers be on one proxy ?

Should the 2-3 main accounts be on one proxy but the scrapers be on another ?

What is the WTB Market place ?

This forum section: Want To Buy & Looking For - MP Social

You need t least 1 scraper for each main account. Do you have Jarvee Starter plan now? If so, you can add three main accounts, then add 6-7 scraper accounts. The scraper accounts should not use the same proxies as the main accounts.

You can run the main accounts on your home IP or on the same mobile/residential proxy. Use datacenter proxies on your scraper accounts (1 account per proxy).

I would recommend you send 20-30 DMs per day instead of 50 DMs per day. Also, make sure you use spin syntax in your DM text to avoid IG blocks.

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Ok so i only have 1 main account for my business .

Do i have to open other accounts ? So i can have 3 main accounts ?

The type of business it is relies on having been open and experienced for a while for customers to trust me to do the service on them.

I want to just send dms from that account and do follow unfollow like and all that within limits

I tried posting on the marketplace but havent been approved - maybe because this account is brand new.

I did have an old mpsocial account but i cant login with fb anymore so i lost my badges and trust levels when i made a new one.

Can you or anyone please help me set this up