Sorry we couldn’t register you!

Anyone experiencing it? I checked almost 5-10 people devices my friends family relatives and tried to sign up through email and continuously receiving this on IG app (not browser)

Note - Its only in case if i am using mobile data if i am using residential wifi its not at all an issue

I’m getting a similar error “Sorry, we couldn’t complete your request. Please try again in a moment” on IG app when I’m using Wifi, I haven’t tried using mobile data yet though.

Looks like the email is the issue :thinking:
Try to make a new Gmail or GMX email and use that to register.

Exactly the same issue when using 4g ip (local sim).
Can sign up without issues on residential ip (wifi/broadband).

I am curious, is that issue happening when creating an account or when trying to log in to an existing account?

no i even tried my domain email so email is not an issue

its when u creating an account only with email. whereas phone number is not an issue.
i think its a temporary thing soon they will resolve it.

I will also test and let you know this weekend

Yes i also notice if your Trust Score of IP is not more 0 and you want to make a new Account with gmail the are many issues to great the Account. I notice this issue first at November 2020. So we just create now accounts with real phone numbers. That for us the best workaround. But be careful don’t use the same number 2 times. In 1-3 Month. After 3 Month i didn’t try because i don’t want to bring the first account in danger and change again all Hardware and SIM Card.

What Trust Score have your IP where you try to make the new Account?

And did you enter at Google the Same Name and Birthday like at Creating the Instagram Account or you use different Name and Birthday? Im also interested to find out more about this situation.

Thank you @Henry12 to open this Topic.

Bro its not related to ip nor actions at all.
I borrowed my grandpa’s phone and used his mobile and downloaded ig app which was previously wasn’t there then i pasted all my email adresses tried if any of them will work but in vain
Its focussed on all the emails but not the phone no.’s hope they will fix it soon

that is really wired I can’t think of anything else that might cause this issue, please keep us update if it’s fixed or not.

Ok that strange. Yes than i think you are right its a bug form site of Instagram. Had Instagram an official topic about this?

I noticed the same exact issue. Phone works but email gives me the same error message.

Has anyone figured out a fix for this or is it just a bug right now? Ive tried on an iPhone and Android and both have this issue if you are connected to 4G but if you use wifi it works.

no there is nothing we can do to fix. IG seems like playing with us guys

no fix till now but i personally came up with a solution correct me if am going wrong
I open instagram app with my 4g data then i enter email for signup then i switch to my residential wifi and click next as soon as i click next i turn off my wifi and continue normally on 4g data so i had no problem in creating 25 accounts so far with outlook/hotmail emails. so do u guys think instagram will be able to link them up?

They will and they do.
Easy test:

  • Create accounts
  • Onboard/add them to Jarvee
  • Let them sit without any tools running, but logged in for a week
  • Check back in a week and count the TL, Verifications and what not
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Have you also checked with your mobile provider/carrier and see if they have issues with IG?

Am thinking as well of testing creating accts using 4G for other social platforms so we can identify if it’s only an issue with IG or the internet provider

as i told in above chats i tried my grand pa’s phone and tried with all sim providers in my country. iphone/android everything but ig won’t allow u to send otp to the email with 4g
rest if u want to resgister with phone no.- no problem
if u want to register with wifi (residential) - no problem

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Just to update you guys Instagram fixed it couple days back😊