Sort Followers by Follower Count?

Is there a tool that allows you to view stats on individual followers of your account?

I remember I used one for free back in 2017 but I believe due to the API changes it was discontinued.

This would be very useful as I didn’t realize that a couple of our followers were in the millions, and after realizing this we actually met a few in person!

You could scrape your account’s followers, then scrape that list’s user info (i.e. their number of followers), then sort it in excel.

But you need the software or tools to do that. Do you use any software?


That’s pretty much how I do it. I’ve read on other forums that there are specific tools for this but you still need a dummy account. Better to get jarvee and use this feature in it

I do have Jarvee, haven’t used it yet as I just set it up the other day.

Is there a tutorial on how to do this specifically?

Thanks for the solution!

Go to Jarvee>Profile Details>Scrape Tools:

Click the checkbox for Scrape additional user details which includes the number of followers and more.

Further down there is Extract Followers of username, so type in your desired account’s username. Make sure the Extract Max number of Users up top is higher than the amount of followers on your account. I.e. if you have a 20k page, don’t have it set for Max 2k, set it for 25k or whatever.

Then press Extract Followers and give it some time, because it also has to scrape additional user details it needs more time.

Since it’s a pretty straightforward scraping thing there’s probably no fancy tutorial written up for it. Some people like @delagarde are hardcore with their scraping and filtering processes and have external tools, and from start to finish could probably go through 5-10+ stages of different steps or sorting (just guessing based on how into scraping he is, but for my stuff which could be less complex there can be a handful of steps). So yeah, in future if you want to try and achieve things you can kind of just break down the steps of what needs to happen to make that work, and then see what tools you have that can achieve what. Sometimes things don’t do them as you might desire, but in this situation it’s super simple :slight_smile: Hope that helps


Thanks for the advice!

Much appreciated.

Another question - if I haven’t logged into Jarvee with this account (this account hasn’t been automated in any way), will logging in through Jarvee on the same WiFi I’m currently using the account on lower the trust rating that Instagram gives to it?

Does this mean you’re using Jarvee on your home PC and not a server, and just one or a few accounts only? People use proxies because they’re using a server with many accounts, so they need to use better quality IPs (proxies) and lots of them so that each account appears to come from a different place. So if you’re just using it on your home PC and with the same IP it’s already successfully running on then that’s probably actually a really good thing for trust score, at least relatively speaking compared to using proxies, since it’s an already trusted IP, and it’s also a residential IP (that’s better than datacenter proxies). If you want to be hardcore you could try to match the EB and API mobile User Agents, but you’ll probably be fine without doing that.

But I haven’t done automation from my own PC & home IP, so someone like @wortime or @dma0245 can you confirm they’ll be safe like that? Don’t want to screw up this poor person’s setup by misinforming.

Edit: Are you intending to automate your main account afterwards once it’s on Jarvee (that’s what I assumed), or are you just needing an account to use as a scrape account and figured you’d use the main account? If you just need a scrape account, then maybe it’s just better to make another spare account and put it on Jarvee as a scrape account, that way you can leave the main account.

I’m intending on not automating this main account.

I just wanted to scrape my followers and sort them by follower count/other statistics.

Can I use an account I care less about and scrape information about my main?

Yeah, absolutely, and that’s probably smarter. I understand more why you were concerned about the trust score of the main account now. Either buy a mobile-made account from someone or literally just create one yourself on a mobile that doesn’t already have heaps of accounts on it. Doing that will be super easy and will be stronger than buying a poorly made account from most sellers online.

May I ask what you are using Jarvee for then, if not to automate the main account?

Does the account I care less about even need to be strong? Not planning on having it banned but if it’s just to scrape it can literally be a burner account right?

And I am planning on using Jarvee to automate side profiles to drive traffic toward main accounts and to experiment with it since I am just getting back into Instagram after almost a year out.

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If that’s what you want to tie your main account into jarvee for, I’d suggest creating another dummy account JUST for scraping. If you truly want to keep your main account automation free, then don’t even tie it into jarvee regardless of your residential IP. Maybe it’s just me being paranoid but everyone always says IG knows who jarvee users are, so just stay extra safe :thinking:


Cool. Yeah, use a spare scrape account. And look into M/S method :slight_smile: