Sources Always Used Within 1-2 Days

I hope someone can help me with this, since I really get irritated with always (every 1-2 days), having to find/search for new users for my follow lists. I use the "follow people that follow your given accounts " option option (you know what I refer to).

I’d share any insight on how you do it and also some numbers as for how many users I should scrape with an follow amount of x so that it last for at least a few months or longer. But yes, I do the Instagram account search currently still manually and stick to usually 50-100 account with about 5k-100k+ accounts (preferably the later.) Also some good tools for scraping would be appreciated, thank in regards.

Furthermore I find it insane to believe that my account have really followed 100k users within 1-2 days. This is simply not true, I mean I can see how many they follow and so it just does not make much sense why even with those 100k+ accounts, Jarvee gives me their ‘no more users found’ message. I have this when I optimize for English speaking users only, but had this also with all settings open to follow any user.

If you are using the Follow followers of target accounts, we recommend using alongside the ‘Follow users that interacted with target accounts’ source and input the same usernames there. Jarvee has a built-in logic that if you have both of those sources used and if the ‘Follow followers’ source is blocked, it will always pick another one.

So you could set the selection rank for ‘follow followers’ to 100 and the selection rank for the other to 10 or something. This way most of the time the ‘Follow followers’ source will be used and when the source gets blocked the others will be used alternatively.

It could be as well that your account is getting API Blocks. Go to Settings > Actions > Reset All IG Accounts Scrape Suspension Blocks, then run the tool again and see how it goes.

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This error message is most likely caused by API Scrape blocks. I could use a profile with million followers as source, but if my scraper account got API scrape blocks, the tool would return that error message. How many scraper accounts are you using?


This error is very annoying and has nothing to do with the sources. I had lots of time figuring this out with the JV developer.

Its to do with either the scrapers not working due to proxy or blocks, the cpu being maxed out or not enough free scrapers for the amount of accounts you are using.

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I have this same exact issue. I get the “No more results found” error when I know in fact thats not true. I could have just added the source and it will still give me that error.

So I noticed a few things about this:

  1. Follow followers of certain accounts - This source doesnt give me the error at all
  2. Follow likers & commenters - This one gives me the error no more results found - seems random - could be on accounts with 100s of thousands of comments and likers

I have more than enough scrapers and also enough sources. Im not sure what the issue is. Seems like a Jarvee issue tbh. It seems completely random when the error pops up. One account could use the source and it gives the error then another different account could use the same exact source and work fine.

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