South African Proxies

Hi all, Do any of you know where I can get proxies for South Africa? I’ve googled but only find a few random providers charging ridonculous prices (I’m not sure I can trust the providers either.)
Thank you for your help.

Do you search for something like this?

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$24 per proxy? Isnt that too much?:smile: Even with their discount i found on mainpage its too expensive for dedicated proxy (which most likely is data center one)

Yes, this is one that I found but seems very expensive.

Exactly, it’s very expensive.

It’s not necessary to use proxies from your exact location, quality matters more. No one has any data that having them from the same country does anything more than give peace of mind. I still prefer to have them in the same country, but the reality is that having a good quality mobile or residential IP matters the most.