Spam content without hashtags (?)

hey so I was rolling down the hole named Instagram and found a niche related account, few days ago was 16k today 18+, i did some math count with hes posts and it was 16 posts in 1 day, no hashtags used, he’s 14 post (same day) hit probably explore and got 2k likes , all other was 200-750, any thoughts can you light on for me ty, hes followers plays a rule in he’s method??

If you can scrape the comments and likes from his account to analyze them it might help. Just taking a guess, the account is probably either using an engagement group/pod sorta thing with big accounts liking/commenting, and sharing to stories immediately after posting to potentially boost the post to their audiences through discovery - or being shouted out by big accounts. Or maybe both.

If neither of those are true, he could just be buying followers and fake engagement, but that’s probably unlikely.