Spam liking and reach

I saw a post which says that “spam liking” (when someone bombs you with likes almost on every post of yours in the short amount of time) counts as a spam and decrease reach on your next post. Is its true? Or wrong correlation? Its a first time when I hear about something like this🤔

make few tests and share your experiences tysm :blush:

First time hearing about those claims. The best thing would be if we can hear other people’s experiences that actually tested and tried that out.

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Where it says spam liking exactly? You mean like same users “bomb” you with likes on each post?

That person means that someone ,for example,see your post on explore/hashtags, comes to your page and likes almost all posts in a few minutes instead of liking only recent ones, so its can be different users every time but with similar behaviour

yes, that is correct, there are like spammers and the same method can be done on the account followers as well.

a competitor can buy thousands of very low-quality followers and send them to your account witch will cause you a lot of issues, shadowban, low engagement, verifications…etc

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