Spam Youtube comments with multiple accounts?

So I have a store where I sell services to a certain niche. I already make good $ per month through social media automation. Though I think there is much more potencial.

I have 30 old Youtube Accounts (2010-2011), I did many bad things with them ion the past but they never ever got blocked or suspended.

Do you think I can use them to spam in youtube comments in videos of my niche with my website link also.
For example: 100 comments/day…3-4comments/day with each account.

Would that work? Or Can I write more comments?

Comment spamming worked great on youtube before. Now, if you post too many comments they get easily ghosted.
Since you’ll be using 30 accounts, make sure you use proxy for each of them and don’t post more than 3-4 hours per day. Make sure there’s enough delay between each comment . Also upvoting your comments with other accounts will probably help them get noticed.

How to do that with xxx+ accs upvote my main account comment ?
What do you use to do that ?

Just to be clear, I’m not doing this anymore, I did before and I did it manually. Also, I didn’t use accounts to upvote, I would make 10s of channels and use channel to upvote, it was like you’re upvoting from totally different account, but a lot of things changed since then I think.

I’m out of YT game for a long time :slight_smile:

I have a youtube channel with 75k subs. I get spam comments all the time. Very rarely are they not ghosted.