Spare Computer or VPS

What is your opinion when it comes to either running Jarvee (around 10 accts), on:

  • A computer (running just jarvee) + home’s wifi;
  • VPS + high-quality proxies;
  • VPS + home IP Address;
  • Any other alternative.

Looking for (long vs short term) (cost/benefit) as well as (scalability).


Run it on a VPS. The fresh IP of the VPS will allow you to create 5 new Instagram accounts with ease, and will not be tied to the trust rating of your home IP when doing logins and the like.

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Jarvee with 10 accs you can rung through a $20 VPS (which you will surely pay for electricity bill if you use a spare computer that needs to run 24/7) then scale. Myself I would start lower with 5 accs but that’s me

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That makes sense. I guess I was held back when I was doing a test run on Amazon’s VPS since it’s free, set up a dummy account I have on Jarvee to do reposts, FU, story viewing and so forth, and then in less then a week the account was “compromised twice”. I guess it’s because I was using it on another IP before, with much less movement?

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VPS + 4G raw IP

I think it’s the better solution

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Why not start with 5 accs on free vps and then scale later?

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If you want to scale later, a VPS with 4G proxies is better. As you want to run 10 accounts, if you use Jarvee on your home PC and use your home wifi’s, you can be limited to the number of IPs given as well as electricity cost.

Stick with Amazon free vps and spend on some good quality DC/4g proxy.

I guess this covers it, start up with 5 accts on a free VPS, then upgrade to something better. Question that stands now is in regards to 4g proxies. Some local business are interested in working with me on their instagram, due to what i’ve built with some accts, but I’m kind of concerned with using too much automation with clients at this point in time, and having their accounts blocked; losing my credibility. What are some of you guys that have agencies doing at this point, that doesn’t raise red flags, but also to avoid doing all the work by hand?

Use VPS. At Contabo you can get 4 cores, 8 gigs of RAM for $10/Month. I am using 30 accs on that now. If you would really want to be safe, you could create your own 4G proxy with an android phone, and in Jarvee at the API string details you should paste their phone’s string and you should only do automatiation when they are not using the app.