Specific Filters for scraping


Hey crew,
I’m waiting for the next Jarvee update before I dive in with it. In the meantime I’m trying to work out the best tool for doing some scraping.
I’m interested in filtering the users by when they last made a post. Does Jarvee do that? If not anyone come across a tool that does?


Loads of great settings for scraping in Jv and getting a better follow back rate.
Try using the search


Thanks. In this case I’m not actually seeking a higher follow back rate, it’s for a different purpose. For that reason the articles already here don’t answer my question.


Apologies, just re-read your post.


Yep, you can most definetly do this with Jarvee. You will use the Follow tool for this, but as you want to scrape users and not follow them, first make sure to check the Send To Extracted users box under the Follow Limits. Then you will scroll down and check User posted within the last X days and enter the number of days you want. Lastly, adjast the rest of the settings and the number of followers you want to extract. Don’t forget to add the sources. This will scrape and extract users and show them in the Exctracted Users tab from where you can export them in an .csv file.


Personally, I have never used Instadub but I hear its the best for scraping. Jarvee tends to have scraping issues, but is still by far my favorite bot even without the update you’re waiting for.


It’s easy to to exact last post date with a selenium bot.

You just need to provide a list of profiles (however you want to get them from) and loop through the profile name with the above last post date exacting code and maybe save profile+date in some data structure then sort it the way you want to.

PS. Sorry for the screenshot instead of just writing it directly in the post, the way this forum formats text screws up all the indentations of python code.


bahhhhh! I hired a guy on UpWork to build me a scraper bc I couldnt find anyone that wasnt getting my account Action Blocked…and he built me something that violated the IG API or something. Completely unusable. lol .


Create a separate IG account from scraping so if that gets flagged, it wouldn’t negatively affect your real accounts.


sometimes the answer is in front of you and you just need someone like you to open my eyes!