Specific Users is the only function working as a source on every tool on every account

After a bunch of “no sources” with thousands of actual sources available, happening on Like, Follow, and Viewer, I’ve determined that the only source that can be used right now is Specific Sources. Nothing else works. On any account, and yes I have good proxies. I contacted Jarvee but no reply as of yet. My workaround is utilizing IGExport chrome extension to get followers of specific accounts, chucking em in to Jarvee and filtering there. It’s not perfect, but it is running smoother than ever. Albeit minus 95% of its features. Anyone know anything about this? Just happened today.


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Maybe you have some issues with your scraper accounts or with proxies, you should check these things. It could be that your scrapers have api scrape blocks, if you use scraper of course. If not, then maybe your main account has api scrape blocks.

I am having a similar issue. My accounts are not following the limits I set. So like if I set to follow 10 people per operation it will only follow 6 then stop. Sometimes it will only follow 0 or 1 person even and stop. I have a lot of sources and plenty scrapers so Im not sure what the issue could be.

Im not sure how the backend of scraping works on Jarvee but it seems like it makes sense for the scrapers to scrape the total amount of users to be followed per operation before starting the follow action. Then once it gathers the total number to be followed it starts the follow process so it already has all the users needed to follow then we wont run into these issues.

Are you saying you’re getting no more results message after the tool started following users? or did the follow tool just say “Finished operation” before following 10 people?

You can go in TOOLS tab > Show errors, and see if the account gets blocked from following.

I’m currently using “Follow followers of target accounts” as source.

Your accounts are most likely blocked from scraping followers. They can get API scrape blocks fast when you’re using “Follow followers of target accounts” as source and/or when you’re using very strict filters. How many follows did you set the tool to do in one operation?

It will say finished operation before doing the settings I set. The accounts arent getting blocked I checked the errors. Also if I stop and start the tool right after it didnt complete the full follows for the operation it will follow fine again so it cant be blocks.

It happens randomly across all of my accounts. So sometimes it will complete the full follows per operation I set, other times it wont. If I have it set to follow 8-13 follows per operation it stops before even doing 8 sometimes it wont even do any it will start/stop and do 0 follows or 1 follow. I have 3:1 the amount of scrapers and a good amount of sources so I am not sure what the issue could be.