Spintax Headache HELP PLEASE

I’m looking for someone who can help me fix my spintax, its giving me a massive headache here

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what do you mean?

I’m having a nightmare trying to find a missing { :cry:

why you contact us?

Sorry I’m confused. I’m asking if anyone can help me :frowning::confused:

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I found it :astonished:


Very good :rofl:

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What exactly are you struggling with? Do you have an example?

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Someone’s just sent me a dm offering to help, will get back to you if no success.

Thank you :grimacing:

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there are several guides on the forum for spyntax.

Yeah I used them to come up with mine, I have given it a good go, but messing around with it and BANG hit a wall

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you got a great strategy

just use Check Spintax - Check Your Spintax & Grammar in Just 2 Clicks!


Wanted to post exactly this site but forgot the name! :smile::+1: @StayStyled

I was in a similar situation and couldn’t figure out the issue for hours. After I found this tool it took few minutes and the job was done.

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Thank you :blush: helpful site


:partying_face::partying_face: Hurrah.

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This will definitely come in handy, Thanks @StayStyled!

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