Spintext is down. Ideas?


It seems the spintext editor in MP is down. It’s a third party software so MP cant do anything about that!

Any similar free software/url that can do the same like MP one does? I am so bad at it, so it must be noob friendly



It was a good service, let’s hope the site will get back online soon. I haven’t found anything similar (and free).

Do you mean like this? https://www.linkcollider.com/page/spintaxtester


For a spin noob like me it was awesome that i can put in a line of text, and select other words with some mouseclicks.

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Yeah, that tool was awesome because of assisted spin editor, I’m trying to find one, but there’s nothing similar online.

There are paid services though.

This means all my campaign will post the ful lsyntax?! Isn’t MP able to choose between the words?

No, they are referring to the spin text tool. If you already have a spintax there, it would work as it should.

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I don’t know how you guys are doing your syntaxes but I always do it manually in a notepad, helped by Google haha

I never used the tool you’re talking about o.o

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I use a paid one but it was nice that there was a free spinner, hope it’ll be up soon.

I just made a 3 day trial on wordai and made my spintext for some new niches!!!

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@dma0245 is it as easy or better?

Everything is working again as the original site is back online.

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Hey there, you might want to invest some time into learning how to create spintax sets manually. You’ll see that, if done properly, you’ll have much better results (especially if you make your set modular). I may also release a spintax syntax definition for Sublime Text 3 that will highlight and color the text that belong to a pair of brackets and supports infinite nesting.

Here’s a guide I wrote on the subject, if you care to read it:

If you need any help, or if I wasn’t clear enough in the guide, please feel free to ask me for help :slight_smile: I’m happy to lend a hand.