SSLprivateproxy for Clients

Friends, what is your opinion on this situation?

With Jarvee: 500 f/u daily, no likes, a few story views and browser experience

Simon Gorges talks in his Video about ssl for clientmanaging, do you could recommend them?
What kind of proxies are that and would it make sense in my situation?

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nope, don’t use them, those are datacenter masked as residential and don’t really work that well in my experience… Go with mobile proxies, same price from e. g. @HenryCooper.

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Don’t do it. Only go with trusted mobile sellers from the forum. Seriously. It’s not worth risking your clients’ brands over.

Do your proxys are often down from henry?

@danielschkolnikow no offense but that’s the third topic you create and it’s always about the same thing: Proxys

  • mobile proxys
  • residential proxys
  • Datacenter proxys

Just try to figure out using search function what these terms mean because it’s all explained a lot of times. And then you can make decisions based on knowledge and don’t have to follow “inspirations” from the forum. Your clients will be very thankful!

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hey bro, youre right but you hurt me man, i dont wanna fuck you up, but i dont find the right questions and when they 3-4 months old maybe something could changed, you know instagram moves fast and i thought something could be different but thanks

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really did not want to hurt you mate - sry :tulip:


With what you want to do (500F/U + story views) good DC proxies are fine if you know what you are doing.

To find good ones you will need to test them with your own accounts.

If these are clients you should have them on mobile proxies as they are paying for a service and safety (IMHO).

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Do your 4g mobile proxies are in any times 8 - 12 hours down too?

I don’t use mobile proxies.
DC gives me up to 500 F/U + 250 likes per day + story views + full browser experience.
No downtime or bandwidth issues.

Of course there are many negative issues too - can’t use campaigns or repost being the biggest issue.

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Do you use highproxies?

No I don’t, heard bad things about them.

Most good providers have a trial subscription so I suggest trying them with an account or two until you find a solution that works for you.

Just try different providers and compare the test batches. These days it is more about your settings than it is about the proxy. Just don’t do posting on dc.


I also still use Datacenter IPs where I can since the costs are lower. Don’t really need the likes for growth :slight_smile:

I used them for some months. The result was so so. Some of their proxies work and some do not. However, I wouldn’t use them for client management. You can try them to see if it works for you.

I have been using them for 2+ years and no issues. My settings are really low though. 200-250 follows, 250 unfollows, mute tool, and 50 likes per day.

I am also using repost tool for 2 accounts and campaigns for 3 accounts and havent had a problem.

I got hit with the follow blocks that was happening in mid May on some accounts but those cleared up.

I had very mixed results with them. Recommend using mobile proxies worked out much better for me @HenryCooper is your man :slight_smile:


Avoid from sslprivateproxy. I bought 50 instagram proxy from sslprivateproxy when I use its I get like block, follow block, PV (2 or 3 time per day)… [Only 40-50 action per day]

however they said 7 day refund but they do not accept refund request if you create social profile.