Stages of a affiliate marketing facebook group posting campaign

  • Define angles for the campaign
    • For each offer you choose, develop 2-4 different angles. Create each of those angles as a campaign.
    • create and store easy to access copy for ads description
  • Create fb/ig creatives
    • stories, posts - remember to explore emotions, you need an aesthetic, pleasant art
  • Choose in what groups you are going to post
    • Dont publish in groups with less than 10k members
  • Now you have to define if you are going to link to the money page directly (not advised, but you can test) or you are going to build a landing page to make a pre sell for the product you’re promoting
    • Either way, make sure you can properly track how many clicks you will get. You can use your affiliate network tracking system or you can use pretty link wordpress plugin, for example. Or get other service you like to get this done
  • Now configure your campaign using JV campaign tool and wait for the results. If the results are not satisfying, you start looking for where is it that is not working: is it the product is not good, your copy, your landing page, or the groups you’re targeting. You gotta find the combination, and that, my friend, requires lots and lots of TESTING.