Starting a growth service

Hi :slight_smile:
So i wanna provide an Instagram growth service but i wonder how my clients can still be logged in to their accounts while im working on them?


Pretty bad month to start such business. However, if you have a new way of growing accounts besides follow and unfollow then i think you should go for it.

To answer your question, they can still login and use their acc while you are managing them. However, in my personal opinion, you should only run their accounts when they are not using them.


With all due respect, @sagionvacation

You have been a member for two years and are posting a question in LVL2 (which is hidden from the public so that only utterly vital information is shared and enjoyed). This topic is answered multiple times on the forum, even in LVL1 threads. I really don’t mean to be disrespectful in any way, but this is basic knowledge that you can probably find in a minute using the search function.

@MojoJojo potentially move this to LVL1? Please and thank you.


yes i know
and also MP not recommend it, but i wanted to hear ppl here that maybe doing it, how they manage to do it? im curious, cause i also wanna find a way to do it

yes i know
but i was surprise to hear that guy answer
that he can do it without any problems
i wonder how thats all

I would recommend not to take clients right now but actually growing accounts yourself (which you can use later on to grow clients with). It seems super irresponsible with so many people having issues with the blocks and all. Plus it gives you room to test and find your golden way without client issues.

Also dont wait for it, start doing it now. Every day you get to automate is a blessed day

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which guy are you referring to and what did he said?

Love you mate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Couldn’t agree more

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exactly what i wrote at the top :slight_smile:

Do you do follow/unfollow or any other thing?

If follow/unfollow - be careful dude, especially with client accounts. Use proxies that are matched to the geographical location of the accounts. IMO it is risky to start it during these months on clients especially if you have no experience before?

Also, do you already have clients or a potential way to acquire new clients?

Wow, is this for real? With all due respect. I like the fact you feel you might find the answer here down in the dirt at level 1 lol.
Kidding aside, I would ask my client if they could stop using Insta at a set time. I’d remind the client of the need to allow me to work to grow their account and remind them of the time agreed to do so.
Some people are up very early, some are up very late, what is their timezone? Do they use Instagram just at work mon-Friday -9-5 or are they a person using it all the time, including weekends.

That’s how I’d approach it, maybe harder if you have hundreds of clients.

got it
the questions is, if they just logged in, but not taking any action there? its also a risk?
or i always need to set MP to work while my clients are sleeping etc…

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That I do not know, I’d guess it depends if you are in the same country? Timezone or area.
Personally I’d play it safe and do this when I know the client is asleep. But I am very new to this.

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Just logged in should be fine. Just make sure the proxies are in the same location and the user agent is the same as the phone that they use instagram on.

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