Starting A New Account. Will this affect current accounts

Hello I have 3 accounts right now. 2 of them are doing well but one I want to restart and rebrand. If I log out of this one account and make a new one will this affect my other accounts and give me a shadow ban or is it okay to do this? Thanks

no that’s not how you get shadowbanned

They allow multiple accounts. If it was an issue, there wouldn’t be an option for that. I would refrain from making more than 3 on a single device, but up to 3 should be fine. It does not violate their tos.

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It shouldn’t however, maybe set up the account from a different IP? This should protect it in case anything goes wrong. By this I mean using a proxy. I know they’re mostly used for Instagram, but Residential proxies should work for Tik Tok as well.

Anyways, I believe you’ll have more luck looking up this list.

This is all you need to know. End of story. They won’t make a feature and punish you for using it.

Yeah but I already have 3 accounts and I want to make a 4th I am wondering if that will be okay?

I think it’s alright. As long as you’re not making tons of them, 4 should be fine.

yes as other users said, i don’t think it should be a problem, but you should keep and eye on every single change that might happen after you add the 4th account just in case something was affected.

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4 is okay lmao I created wayyy more account like 10 or 12 and nothing happened, however i created an other recenty and i might me shadowban :confused:

Does that affect only the newest account, or you think all of them are shadowbanned?

I would say both but more the newest bcs they get rly bad views like 100/200 and the for my OG account i got less views like 60% less

Were you still consistently posting on all of them or did you take time off? This could be why.