Starting a new DM group

I’m starting a new Dm group. Minimum of 20k Followers. Here are the rules

  1. Limited to 1 post a day
  2. Everyone in group must follow everyone else.
    3.You must comment a minimum of 4 words per a post.
  3. No posting in the group until you have caught up.
  4. Anyone who breaks the rules will be kicked out.

Pls DM me if you have an interest in joining,



What is the niche? :slight_smile: Or no niche?

INTERESTED! I have quite a few with good engagement ratios as well.

No niche
starting it today so pls DM me if you are interested

pls DM me which names to add
starting it today

how many people are in the group right now?

maxing out at 10

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Interested, DM me.