Starting Instagram. Newbie question

I want to begin to create accounts to istagram later to earn on them.(salle shoutout)
And I had had a question.
To buy old accounts or to create most?
At old as I understand there are advantages before new
Old accounts have more limits that will accelerate development.
I ask yours for suggestions, thanks
I sry for my English

You want to grow accounts then sell shout outs new accounts will limit.

You will need old accounts to get there quicker and safer.

I would recommend buying aged accounts as if you want the best possible turn out for the bot you should have 1+ year old accounts.

you will advise where to buy accounts?

here is where i buy my age accounts
Good luck!

I purchase mine from an off site supplier who has stopped now. I would suggest looking at the marketplace.


Iā€™d suggest that as well, good luck @daynox

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