Starting several DM groups

No niche or follower requirement(I’d like to stick to accounts with 500+ followers that post at least every other day however).

I’ve seen success with DM groups in the past, and am wanting to create 10 groups at least with the max 15 people in each. Comments in general look good to the algorithm and for personal accounts look good for future brand deals, which is my primary reason for doing this. I’m trying to grow as an influencer.

Please comment the account(s) username(s) you’d like added below.
You will get a follow from @ConnorLipke then I will subsequently add you to the group. Please also follow back as that looks favorable as well. Rules will be explained in group. I’ve gotten a dozen private messages about joining my groups but it’s easier to just do one big thread.


Count me @m_jordan_7

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Added you to the group!


Added you to one of the groups!


isnt that “dm groups technique” is no longer count as an option for growth anymore since the updates?



I’m in @itsalessiocordeddu

100% in !
Can I dm you a few different accounts and you tell me if it fits your niche?


Would like to feed and like / comment from bigger accounts I own and grow. A few playboy models / playboytv includes

im interested bro

Am interested @juicingforenergy thanks

I’m down. @adilfitness

Is this thing still active @Connor_Lipke? If not it should be closed to prevent bumping.

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