Starting with Instagram on Jarvee

So I run 500 Accounts on Twitter (2x 250 Accs on Jarvee) but need to finally get back to Instagram.

  1. Which accounts to buy? (How many scrapers and slaves)
  2. What can I do for Instagram with a 250 Accounts Jarvee Plan?
  3. Which proxies I need? Costs?

Should I run 1 main account and link all slave accounts to this main account?
Or should I work with URL’s ?

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Welcome to the twilight zone :joy: my friend. My advice is to buy everything you need from the forum’s marketplace. Do not buy accounts/proxies from big known companies. Good luck with your journey

  1. Aged accounts are easiest because of their high trust score. Otherwise I suggest you to use gmail verified IG accounts. Scrapers don’t matter much. Ratio should be minimum 2 scrapers per slave. I recommend @driulis for accounts.
  2. M/S?
  3. 4G for slaves. Either build your own little setup or use providers. Heard good things about @ggncool. Scrapers can run on DC proxies. I use social media proxies from HP.

Don’t make an obvious link with hundreds of child accounts e.g. with bio @. Try to send dms with spintax to new followers and share your main account there.

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It’s best to create accounts on your own but if you want to buy them, try purchasing from multiple different providers until you find what accounts are working for you the best. You should go with at least 2-3 scraper accounts per 1 main account. As for proxies, of course, 4G Mobile proxies are the best. They’re a bit expensive but you can run multiple accounts per proxy.