Starting Youtube channel

Hello everyone,

I wanted to ask for some advice on starting a youtube channel from scratch, stuff like tips for the niche, where to get started, how to get views, and so on. I know that there is a lot of thing that come along with learning this platform, but i have to start from somewhere, so I would really appriciate it, every suggestion is more then welcome :slight_smile:

Sould i do my own video editing ( Im a beginner - Filmora9), are the compilations the best option for a beginner, etc…? I went through a free course that i found here

Was also considering to take an Udemy or Skillshare class on youtube startups.
If someone has expirience in this area and is willing to share, looking foward to hearing every word and share some stuff back ofc. In topic or PM

Thank you

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I don’t have a YT channel, but was frustratingly trying to make videos for various ads. I found Kapwing and wanted to share. It has a ton of templates and effects, and is free. The only thing is the videos are public on their servers. So, I just make the video, then download it and then delete it from their site. Here is the link:
Not an off link.


I like camtasia for video editing, very user friendly

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thanks for sharing this kapwing.

I am a techno idiot, so the easier it is, the better for me !

There’s so much to learn and like IG it changes a lot.
Your best off finding someone’s content to binge watch, most of the courses are bunker (rubbish) but some creators put out a lot of good content for free like.
Nick Nimmin
Brian G

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I would suggest you to start using Premiere pro for the Youtube content.

It’s one of the best video editing software out there, with many tutorials :wink:

Use Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas Pro for editing your videos, use Photoshop for designing your thumbnails. To learn how to use these programs, just search for tutorial videos on YouTube.

I think i will go with Adobe Premier Pro, saw a lot of tutorials rly as you said, thanks man :slight_smile:

Depending on the types of videos you want to create there’s sites like these that make it really easy. Grab a temples, do some editing and hit create: