Static dedicated proxies - pros and cons?

A question that has been bothering me since i started using Massplanner

I know the benefits of using static dedicated proxies, are there cons, disadvantages related to their use?

i asked before i was an instagress user for a short while (barely a week, before i committed to using massplanner without any hesitation. Instagress is just too slow and lacks many options we need (that massplanner offers)

however, there are two things i missed since the switch

  1. the option of multiple sleep times, which has been addressed in this feature request

  2. the ability to post new images using my phone. in fact, Instagress encourages that, and i did notice that everything i make a new post, coupled with f/uf actions on instagress, there’s an obvious increase in new followers within the first couple of hours of the new posts.
    Instagress did tell us not to f/uf, likes/comments while it is running.

on the other hand, we are told to refrain from posting new pictures from our phones when our accounts are logged into MP
(unless they share the same IPs. but it’s not possible unless you are running MP on a PC in the same wifi or network as your phone)

i’m wondering, since Instagress is using their own servers, do they have rotating IPs for every IG accounts? i won’t ask their support since i stopped using them.
but instagress is known to be safe, much fewer users get their accounts banned, but i believe that’s mostly because their settings are so slow (which doesn’t work for us)

but could it also because they use rotating IPs that mimick mobile photos having more varied IP changes? (phones get onto different wifis, and public wifis such as macdonald’s, which are public IPs)

whereas for massplanners running on VPS, our accounts are all on fixed IPs, static ones that remain static.
To the IG algorithms, won’t that look like it’s not a phone?

Base on my experience, It’s okay to publish a post using your phone while it’s running on Mass Planner as long as the ip you are using are not located on another country as the one you are using with your Mass Planner as IG will think that your account got hacked.

I have 5 personal account that’s important to me and I always publish post when I’m travelling or visiting another place while the same account is running 24/7 on my machine.

Hope that answer your question.

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I wrote to MP admin support about this, and i was told to not even login with my phone and browse, less posting new images.

I’m based in Asia, while all the dedicated proxies available for subscription seems to be only available in america and europe

If the country is different then yes, you should avoid logging in to your account as your account might get disabled.

Hey, I just wanted to clarify something here:

So you are running these accounts on your machine back home 24/7, and you login using your phone and post from different locations (different ips including oversea?) and that’s okay!?

Oh you answered the question while I was writing!

I use static proxies based in the US, and manage growth for clients around the world using MP. I run the follow/unfollow 24 hours. My clients post, like, comment, and follow/unfollow on their phones with no issues, even when they are in another country. The only time I’ve had an issue is when clients use another automation tool to follow/unfollow, or do mass manual following/unfollowing.

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i think they’re just using the public api, which doesn’t really care about the ip but rather the app, however the public api is very limited in what it can do

I am sure they do something similar to what MP does, however, the automated the account addition process. From their literature, I would assume they create their own proxies and buy IP’s in blocks. But hey would have to constantly be crushing IP’s as they get banned and creating new ones. And as they are massive in size, and work off volume, how do you know you are getting your own IP? I would bet they run 3-5 accounts or more per IP. So lets say they went as economical as they can (likely). They probably re-use IP’s.

So lets say you signup and you did get your own static IP from them, some dank meme poster that cranked the settings and spammed everyone might have used that 1 day before you. Now your on a “hot” IP. That’s why there is a high rate of banned accounts (plus people don’t actually know how to use Instagress)

As for the rotating IP connection. I’ve tested it.

The problem is…

It’s tough to set the interval timer for the IP. The IP might also vary wildly from geographic location to location. Yes, having the IP act like someone is headed to work, then at work for 8 hours, then home etc would be great, however, the network would have to be super complex.

You can get a free trial or low cost IP and use a test account. If there was a “stop start” timer in MP that you could implement, then the rotating IP would work better IMO.


Great points shared, thanks fellows

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