Stats of mass accounts

Hello guys, i just started to manage 100+ instagram accounts, i’d need to get tracking of the main analytics of these accounts, like number of followers and daily growth.

I’m looking something as SocialBlade (premium edition has limit to 100 accounts for 40$/month), where i havent to login with instagram (im using proxies).

Can anyone help me please?
thank you

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MP has all of that build in in the stats tab.

mm i dont see where to view the daily growth, i can export stats but not this one…any help?

do you know a service where i can see other main analytics stats of 100+ accounts? stats like “best tags” “audiance” “time posting” and similar… i can pay service, but someone asked me like 500$/month…

For the 100th time someone doesn’t use the f* search

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Thank you! Does screen capture show masseplanner? If so, how to show it?


What do you mean with this?

Legend says, if you stare and wait long enough, the answer will be revealed.


5 minutes man, nothing yet.


dddd before tell me this, are you sure i didn’t?
and so how can i export daily growth of each account? not just the total followers, and how can i see analytics like best tags, best time posting… audiance zone?

Your first question

Your second question which is a repeat

Your third question, which is entirely not the same as what you asked before.

Your fourth question. Asked on the first, as well as another time.

So, tell me. What are you trying to ask?

What is your real question that hasnt already been answered?

I think i need @wortime to join me in this, it’s gonna be a loooong day.

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@dddd I think it’s already been a long one. First off, how does one go about instantly managing 100+ accounts? Sheesh.

For the other guy @secretunk, there are tons of free options. As @dddd explained, search the forum and you can find plenty of ways to use excel. Even google sheets and libra open office are similar and will produce results.

You can pay, and with some googling you can find good options.

Please do NOT make an MP feature request fr an “all-in-one” as they have crazy functionality built in for $10-$20 a month.

You can export the data and learn some super basics of excel easily.

If you are managing 100+ accounts, then $500 a month should be no problem.

Go under the “Dashboard” tab, then “Statistics”. Choose “tools” and the date range you are looking for. Go down the list of account and click on “followers”. Now you have the data for that account and range. “Export” the data. This is where you can pay someone on the forum to write an excel chart that will do it for you, or you can learn it yourself.

Each tool, like, comment and follow have their own exportable data which you can use to figure out best hashtag to use for the TOOL not for posting.


Where can I find the Massplanner screen?

@wortime : thank you for your useful answer! and yes i have knowledge about excel, so i can build myself… my problem is about the rest of analytics… and 500$/month is a problem if accounts are young :slight_smile:

@dddd : yes, i can do that and i know the growth daily and the rest. I’d need analytics for audiance, time posting and hashtags too…and for this i don’t find solution. Anyway chill dude :slight_smile:

There are several analytical packages available for instagram. Have you tried instagram for businesses?

ig for business must be connected to a fb page, and it’s a problem with 100+ accounts… and i saw a lot of analytics services, but they ask me to login and it’s a problem using proxies

Have you tried without proxies?