Stay away from BAD Experience!

Stay away from

1 year ago i bought 100x proxy from them.

Every month i pay the bill no problem.

2 weeks ago i was 1 day to late with payment ( My fault ) and the complete iplist in my dashboard was changed in others.

All my accounts don’t work offcourse. Contacted trough Skype this rude guy tell me :

Ok because of this problem I lost 30% of my accounts and still today lot of verify issue.
But stop! We have more problems.
3 days ago i checked my VPS and all accounts has NO results in last 3 days.
So I send them a message why all my proxys has ‘’ PROXY ERROR “
2 days later I get a message :

Wauw, all 100 proxys are stopped without any message/warn before because if they did that I can safely transfer to new proxys.
I am afraid I will lose looooooot of accounts again.

But how can a ‘ prof’ business has such a sh*tty service and always threat me to stop and cancel everythime this screenshot 2 weeks ago ( maybe they don’t like it because i bought with BHW discount i don’t know )

Yes after this last issue ( ALL PROXYS DELETED ) while i had 14+ more days membership. I stopped with them.
Lost to much money + Time + now lot of accounts.

Please people STAY AWAY FROM
STAY AWAY this costs you lot of time+money for such problems……


It pretty much goes the same with every other provider out there. Its automated. They don’t want to have any downtime to their proxies so as soon as you miss the payment the proxies are back into the pool to be reallocated to the next paying customer.

But that customer support is pretty much rubbish. You should post it on BHW. Their reputation is pretty much on the line in BHW anyway.



Yes i understand if i not pay proxys are gone.
But i had 14+ more days active.
They just delete say nothing.
i send them an mail because i saw ‘’ proxy error ‘’ in massplanner and 2 days later they just stay proxys are deleted.

Same thing here !!!

While everything was great with their proxies. Suddenly i woke up yesterday and find out that all my 50 proxies are down with the “proxy error” in MP.

I contacted them and after 20 hours they replied with the same message as yours.

They replaced all the old proxies. after that i tried to verify the new IPs in the MP’s proxy manager and they are good.

But when i tried to verify my facebook accounts with these new proxies… NOTHING HAPPENED. the facebook page dont load. I tried also to use these proxies in firefox browser all the other websites load without problems EXCEPT FACEBOOK !!

I contacted them again about all this weirdness and I’m waiting for the reply!

Lol, count me as their victim.

I still have more 13+ days, and suddenly replaced with new proxies.

Now I just try Create own proxy, with squid.

Btw, how about Create post in blackhatworld, and boycott them for refund to us soon!

No one good offering from them for this inconveniences.

I am not sure if i am allowed to say that here, but if you need some IG proxies PM me.

Admin EDIT : : sorry but you are not allowed to sell here, only in the marketplace section and only after you meet the requirements, read the marketplace section rules. Once you meet the requirements you are welcome to do this.

NP, say it here :slight_smile:

If you only use a few IPs from their block, there’s nothing much you can do to ensure your IP will remain yours forever. Let me explain this. The provider buys a block C = 256 IPs. Most of the time the whole block is registered to the same provider. They lease it out as proxies to their customer like you and give you access. So you were assigned 2 IPs from that block. That’s 2/256.

So that leaves 254 IPs to be used and abused by other customers. It’s hard to know how other users will abuse it but if lets say 150/256 is heavily abused and lands on a bunch of blacklists and most websites will block the whole class C. When the provider gets complains from everywhere and also their customer that the proxies don’t work on XYZ sites anymore, he has no choice but to replace that block or else nobody would be able to use them anymore.

On certain cases, the IP blocks are forcefully removed/replaced by their upper provider due to hardware/configuration changes, routing change, abuse, dmca, etc

You need to learn to live with it and find workarounds. Nothing is permanent.

I’m not speaking for the OP website it can happen everywhere and anywhere but yeah their customer support can try to be more polite but getting back your IPs won’t be an option for sure.


i don’t know much about how the proxy providers work.
But if you delete ( whole block ips ) or anything at least you can message the customers and let them know after 4 days ips are gone you get new list. So i can safely move to new ips. I use the same list almost 1 year it has 14 days left for new payment.

I see it 2 days later accounts has no actions in this 2 days i send them an mail about " proxy error " and 2 days later they send

Yes they should be proactive on their side with updates to customers. I am in no way supporting them I’m just explaining why they got replaced and their reply states exactly what I said. “Datacenter closed the ips because of some complains and we cannot get them back”

Look for a new provider or setup your own proxies

What do you expect to happen if account creation is not blocked on the ip’s?

Why do you think are my subnets healthy since over 6 months? I simply block account creation.

Hello Guys,

I am very sorry for the issues with our Dedicated & Shared Proxies in the past few days. One of our Datacenter from which we were buying ips decided to close the servers and ips overnight because of some abuses from our users.

We tried our best to keep the old ips and restore the service with the OLD ips but unfortunately we couldn’t.

It seems that even after many years of experience there are still things which can happen which we didn’t took in consideration.

Right now we made some changes so things like this won’t happen again and we made some special classes SPECIALLY for social websites and nothing else, so people with spamming tools won’t destroy the ips and datacenter to close them.

It was in our own interest to restore the old ips to our customers and not to change them but unfortunately we could not do that.

I would also like to state that our system sends AUTOMATIC emails with 4 DAYS because a membership is set to expire to tell the user to make a payment if he has Manual payment or to be sure that hi’s paypal account has funds so when it will try to bill them it won’t fail.

Subscriptions are also canceled automatically when automatically payments fail so again this is not something we can control. Basically when you get your subscription canceled and membership you can reopen the membership from our Panel and subscribe again.
Paypal doesn’t allow us to retry the payment after failing and because of that we prefer to cancel it so the user can restore the ips as soon as possible.

Regarding Customer Support we are working to resolve and have a 24/7 customer support in the next few weeks.

I am very sorry once again for what happened with the Dedicated and Shared proxies, this is something that we learned and should not happen in the future.

Best regards

No. Your applogize is not accepted. You mustve realize how big of a deep s**t you got youselves into to open up a thread here because you realize a bulk of your business comes from us dealing with social media.

Do you know how important proxies are to social media? DO YOU?

I’m not the victim, but i can’t help but get angry when looking at this reply. Like as if you didn’t put enough effort into it.

First, regarding the proxies getting cut off out of nowhere. Don’t they give you warning before they decided to shut you down? And you couldn’t give a warning to your customers, not even 1 day before, so they can at least swap the proxies out and not get accounts banned?

Second, is not about your auto billing. That’s a payment processor issue. But your attitude towards him in support. You just blatantly told him you’d cancel his sub and refund.

Is this about money and refund? You think so?

Don’t you think you should be appologizing to him first, who started this thread, instead of the community?



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May their name forever be tarnished. Blacklisted. And never to be brought to light again.


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:joy: @wortime @dddd

But on a serious note, if this ever happens to me I would work day and night to destroy the name of the provider that does this to any proxies my clients are on let alone my own accounts. Fuck your guys’s support @Microleaves Totally disrespectful, in the way you handled @MPrules | And you providers don’t understand how many Months go into raising these accounts. You really should be ashamed of your staff, and should think about what data centers you work with and set up some fucking checks and balances.

So…what you are trying to say is… you’d give them at least two thumbs down?


On a side note, how do they know we are in this forum sharing our experiences? Either the user mentioned it, or they track mentions.

As Gordon will say

@wortime I found a thread on BHW by OP. No link to this forum, but as ive mentioned before, they must’ve realize about the severity since their bulk is social media. MP community alone cosist of thousands of proxies.

Edit: Found their generic copy/paste reply here


@dddd hahah, I think that @BrandonBerner is thousands of proxies, however, getting a bad rep here means a big monthly paycut for sure for them…

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