Stay Away from servers / VPS

Hey, just want to share my feedback about this service. I bought VPS from TurnkeyInternet and how it looks like I will have to ask for refund of payment!

  • Service product quality is bad (My VPS is just losing internet connection and JV can’t be used because its disconnecting 2 times in 48h. Each time I have to reboot the VPS to get the connection back, it works maybe for 10-12h then it loses the connection again)

  • Support quality not so good (Live chat not properly assisting and answering questions, tickets even HIGH priority take long to get response)

I am glad I didn’t purchase dedicated server from these guys although prices are really attractive. I will be looking at Hetzner or Contabo now.

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Yep I agree with you there. I also hate hetzner support. Had a very hard time with them. One I’m using now is great.