Still anyone earn spamming twitter?

may i ask you guys what niche still work on twitter ?
i would like to start again with twitter but i`m not sure if i can make some money with .
i tryed adult few months ago but no succes .
any advice/tips will help . thanks

nobody can give any advice/tip?? :confused:

Churn and burn doesn’t work on Twitter anymore- accounts get banned too quickly. Work at scale and perform a low number of actions for each account.

my question is what to promote on twitter

I promote Cryptocurrency, with amazing results.

what method are you using bro for twitter?

can you give more info please ?

twitter accounts are so easily suspended and they are such a bitch to get back unfortunately otherwise the traffic there is great if you know how

i was able to use Twitter for income for a long time but not anymore things have changed and now you need much work to see a good income.