Still seeing friends on the FYP

Sorry for the 2nd rant on this same topic, but after disconnecting Facebook, as well as not allowing TikTok to access my phone contacts + deactivating my Facebook account, and completely changing my location with a foreign SIM card, I still see some of my real life friends on the FYP. I can easily block them, but how is this even possible? 3 weeks later, it’s still inevitable.

Maybe you liked one of their oldest videos ?

I never liked any of their videos. Also, I’m talking about 30-40 friends, not just 1.

Weird but is it a problem ?

A huge problem, since I have a completely different audience. I don’t want my high school friends looking at content made for a Asian people.

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I understand myb next time just block them,but im telling someting is weird with the foreign sim card method. I got a video that reached 40k views from my region and then started to reach the US ang got 350k views.

How is that weird? I’m very happy with the results.

Did you ever have any past interaction with these accounts? Do you have your phone connected?

It’s been happening ever since I made an account. Even after changing the location, and only seeing asians on the FYP, I still see my real life friends. And no, I never interact. I block them right away. I only have my IG connected.

Same phone = same identifier.

Already tried a new device.

Could it be from IG?

i doubt it…

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They have too much data/power haha