Still Shadow Banned After Weeks (TikTok)

My main account got shadow banned due to the fact i made other accounts on the same device. I read somewhere that deleting these accounts would help fix the shadowban so i logged into each account and deleted it. It didn’t work.

I then uninstalled tiktok and reinstalled it. Only logged in on my main account but still shadow banned, then someone said it will only last for a week or two at most just keep posting but don’t use any hashtags. So i have done this for weeks now and i am still shadow banned!

I don’t even want the main account now, i want to move to a new niche and start over but i am just scared that i will make the problem worse and i don’t know how i am ever going to get unbanned?

new device? New IP? New House? New identity?

Any advice?

PS: I know i am banned as i have a pro account and i can see where the traffic is coming from and its always followers & profile visits. Plus when i post i don’t get any new followers and hardly any views.

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It sounds like you need to change countries and grow a mustache :disappointed_relieved::joy:


Yeah for real they are too strict

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Keep us updated on that. I might be having the same issues, as I opened a few accounts from the same phone (but I created one account using a phone number, the other account using an email). So far, I’m getting like 0-10 views, nothing is really working

I mean i get a few hundred max 1k but i do have 5k followers

write to tiktok support

You think it’s smart to use that nickname?