Still worth to grow a facebook page?


Investing time/energy into group growth is way more effective. You can advertise your page/store anytime there.


Yes, since Fb is rolling out the new video features which requires at least 10.000 Likes on a page.


In my opinion it’s valuable to have a good following on a Facebook page so that anyone who takes a look can be impressed. People are more likely to take your brand seriously if your Facebook page is kept up-to-date and has a good following.


Yes but don’t you think it’s quite useless for now as the only thing that work is sellin with ads and spamming with multiple accounts to niched groups there is no variety to sell people in europe and usa are leaving the platform only 3rd world country and aged peopke are still on it , they killed organic reach 2years and it still go down more they are pay to play you can’t even sign up normally like on other social media , they make it a hard time for beginners only pro and who havr enough money to invest on software like multilogin can have many accounts , bots are quite useless now on Facebook not like Insta,twitter,pinterest,snapchat… So yeah i think for me growing a facebook page for me in 2019 is pretty much useless and not worth it go see other platform yes they are rude too… But they don’t dictate and manipulate any little action on their platform like facebook do


How much traffic 50k fans page can bring?


It really depend on many things your niche the groups where you share your page content …


That’s a good question. FB has been decreasing a lot in the interest of the new generation of people, many of them aren’t even on FB, so

I’m wondering if Facebook will survive during the next years - that’s why i don’t know wether to keep an eye on this platform or not !


Depends what niche! If you have a niche then go for it, if not I wouldn’t create them in ‘advance’