Still worth to grow a facebook page?

still worth to grow a facebook page? i want to start promote it, does fb still unpublish & delete pages?

I think it depends on what you want to do !

I grow a facebook profile, by inviting friends, then converted it to a Facebook page, and it has never been deleted ! But never been to spammy or anything

It really depends on what you want to do !

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i want to build a brand name or kind of magazine, i want to try organic from groups and to promote (like 1k$ monthly)

Hmm If you ask me i would say No, as you can see a lot of Huge Pages ( Millions Followers pages) they have Super Low Reach like 1k per post
i have page with 120k follower all interested in my niche but when i post something i get only 500-2000 reach

If you have a business, yes. Why not add to it?

If you want to make money solely of the page, then probably not. Too much time needs to be invested.
Unless you’re thinking of dropshipping and running ads.

If you know what you’re doing and you have a good strategy it’s worth if of course, Facebook is one of the best places to get exposure and build an audience and many many other making money things :wink:

Looking to hire Someone to grow my FB page organically

I think it’s not worth it if you plan to grow a brand wich is a long term business go to Instagram where you gonna find more ease to grow it because of the organic reach that is way more than faebook+ facebook are now completly changing their direction they gonna focus on their messenger platform and make it the most important thing as they saw people go to other social media platform and also they will focus more on groups too rather than pages who knows facebook in 2020 return back to their prime with this messenger+group strategy

So what’s the solution if it’s not worth ?

Groups is something you can make tons of cash with. I’d not put the effort into building pages, but building FB groups

As @barmer said, groups are where it’s at it. FB is making them the focus of the network more and more. Pages have just been turned into an advertising cash cow for FB.

Does it still doable? I cannot convert my PF to page as FB disable this function a year or 2 now.

Really? Most of my pages have a few thousand followers and minimum reach is 1K.

@tomasjj Personally, I don’t think you will get a good enough organic reach on Facebook pages. I’ve even purchased ads to get more reach and I find the results to be so disappointing compared to Instagram. If you’re trying to grow a Facebook page, I don’t think it’s worth it.

how you can make money from groups pls help like dog groupe

I agree with what you said 100% because it seem like it’s the total end of organic reach on Facebook it’s been really low for at least 2/3years but now it’s clearly the end the only thing that can save a page is ads lol but for Organic reach no chance even the huge pages that have no problem with their page and have put hard work , time and effort for years ow got 500/1000likes and have millions of followers thats just so sad for the owners of pages and it shows how much they don’t care if you put content for years and got huge drops in your reach , The only thing that i can see Facebook survive with it and return back to their prime is the focus on groups and totally ending the era of pages and separete the business with personnal by letting people create a Group without being forced to create it with personnal account or with a page just simply like other socal media do


but how to grow a facebook groupe with jarvee

I think you’d want to grow a group instead since it has much better reach, and also because friends you invite to the groups are automatically put in (from what I recall) whereas friends who are invited to pages have to confirm liking the page. That was my understanding with groups anyway, check that first if that’s a plan you want to take.

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What do you think of the future of Facebook will Groups and the platform overall will be more cleanand pro than now or it will still be the same thing that we see now ?

if you run a business or plan to use ad break definitely yes.

I would say its only if you run a business when setting up a facebook page will be worth it, or if you want to learn using fb ads or both.