Story view decrease. updates or something else?

I’ve just grow my profile over 10k followers and nowdays my story views are decreased about 30% from the views i have with 8k followers. Do you know something change in the algorithms nowdays or do you know any reason?

Business or non-Business?
Are you sharing external links?
How much have you been in contact with your followers and their content?

I haven’t done this but I would suggest you follow your followers and engage on their content / in the DM’s for a week or two. This should show your story feed to them more. Maybe create a friends group and add new and different users to that group. I would expect this to increase engagement. Might not get back 30% but might increase it over what it was as well.

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Story views can vary from day to day, sometimes they are sky-rocket high sometimes they are low af. However the bigger you get the more your story EG drops too. For example 50k account with 4-5k views vs now 140k+ account with 6-9k views. :grin:

The bigger you get the lower your EG will be.


They no longer count views from Desktop or any browser as a view anymore. It has to be viewed from the app.

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So do you think they are now giving more value to story views meaning they are no longer low risk actions thru Jarve? Should we decrease number of views / day?

Could be.

It won’t hurt, especially since it no longer counts as a view. Only reason to do it now is appear more human.

But even then it wont appear human to the machines haha. Damn I can’t believe how much instagram fights automation you’d think they appreciate more action on their networks for investors sake. But then again they are trying to sell ads…

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I scrolled my feed for the first time in months, there were 1-3 ads every 3 posts.

Thats exactly why I run Rocket for instagram on my JB device. I can’t stand the ads in the feed or story. They are forcing them on people its insane, but hey it’s free and to some people it’s life haha

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