Story viewing with scraper accounts?

Would story viewing work if you would use scraper accounts to collect the stories but watch them with the main account? Is this possible? has anyone developed such a software? Sorry if this doesn’t make sense, just throwing out an idea I had.

He used to work. Before Instagram patched the limit last year :slightly_smiling_face:

Nowadays, you can’t push story viewing too high on regular accounts. So it’s not worth it anymore

Have you tried Jarvee? I think they have that option.

Yes. In Jarvee you can use this tagname method Instagram - How To Set Scrapers Using Tagname Accounts - Jarvee. So, basically you tag scraper accounts as “scraper”, and set your main account to watch stories. Whenever the main account executes a story viewer operation, the scraper accounts will be used for scraping.

If you want to extract stories and send them to the main, you can use the option “Send To view stories based on post URL” in the settings tab of the Story Viewer tool

Also, you can use the second Scraper method (tagname method) as @ossi suggested

yes, you can do that using Jarvee, you can use a scraper to get usernames then view them using the main account, check what Ossi shared.

How many would Jarvee be able to do in 24h with a verified account?

you can go up to 350-400 without issues but I wouldn’t recommend starting with high settings even when using a verified account, start slow then work your way up.

I heard verified accounts can view a lot more stories than non verified accounts, but I never manage verified accounts, so I don’t know whether that’s true or not. The best way to know the account limit is by testing different settings on your account. I agree with @Luca, you should start with low limits even though you’re running a verified account.

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You can go a way more but to stay on the safe side I suggest not going over 350-400 as Luca said.