Story Views - Action Block?

Hello guys,

I need some of your wisdom here. I had set up long time ago my story views to send a message to stories while J is running. (Only 20% of the stories were answered) about 400 comments on stories.

On J it appears a message saying:

“The search took more than 20 minutes and was aborted please loosen up your settings etc”

The thing is im starting to receive this messages on some of my client accounts. Any ideas on how to solve this one:

Ps: I only receive this message when im trying to create a new message (DM) to an account which i didnt interact before.

That’s an action block. You need to rest the account. There’re many threads that talk about this, just search around and you’ll find more details/instructions

Danny, thanks for your answer, Its clear its an action block but it has been blocked since 6 days.
This message normally appear and between 45 minutes 1 hour even less disappears that’s why I’m asking if someone else is having this issues.

Any ideas?

reset the PW of the account

Didn’t work Hank. We create a new password on instagram and still the same message. 6 days.

Wait 1 more day? There’s 3 - 7 days blocks on all actions.

Logout and then log back in on the app.

No. I can like, follow, comment. But I Cant DM to users that i never interacted before or that aren’t following me.

At the very beggining i thought it was a soft block as it looks like. (One of these that normally take 30m/1 hour) but 6 days?

Obviously I have stop doing actions (storyviewing+commenting) on these accounts.

Any idea?

We logout and reset password. Didnt work.
Just to make sure we are in the same page, we are not talking about a soft block in Js EB. Im talking about instagram directly through app and web.

Via J: appears the message i texted before:
The search took more than 20 minutes and was aborted, please loosen up your settings/ adjust your sources… etc”

Story comments doesn’t work with messaging hence if there is a problem you won’t know.

Yes you know, because when you select in Js comment after view stories, you select the percentage and get the tool on, after you got the block you cant comment stories or send DMs anymore until the block faded.

J’s not implemented this properly…