Story Views Boost / Exploding


Sounds really interesting… And can be helpful for smaller Accounts to grow on IG


My story views have been complete shit for the past 6 months or so. I am hoping that they will increase soon with this new algorithm. How many hashtags should i be using in my story? I feel that using the max will come off as not-clean and spammy.


Interesting point. What concerns me is, that I’m not seeing any #-stories in my feed anymore. Yesterday I started to see #-posts again, but still not #-stories. If I go to explore I’m not shown any #-stories as well.

Thinking about it, this started right after I posted a series of 10 stories in which I set the #-color to match the background (making the tag invisible). Could this be some kind of “story shadowban”?


possible in like exchange ?


How do you use hashtags in the story’s?