Story Views Boost / Exploding

I have an account with 7.7k followers and always had about 300-400 story views. Since June 5th I always get 2000-5500 views, has anyone also experienced that?


Nope, the other way around here. I guess my views went to you :thinking::unamused: give them back


Oh wow, this is the first case i ever heard.

When you use like exchange with extra story viewing you get the story views extra with the like exchange

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and did you change something which would explain such a difference?

im also having more story views these days

No changes for me too, if anything I lost a little, but not more than a few %

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Using trending hashtags on story works for me it increases my views and this are gotten from the tags , it also increase follows as well once your content is unique and engaging :heart_eyes:


I didn’t got more story views than usual but I noticed a big increase in impressions from hashtags.


I got like 0 views from hashtags since about 8 days. I used to get about 300-500 views per hashtag, only used a maximum of two tags per story.

are you sure? zero that is something unusuall.
Do you post to much or post nudity?

Just original content in the landscape/travel niche. The funny thing is, I know that people see my stories in the hashtag stories. But still it shows 0-1 views only… I heard from other people I’ve been talking to, that they got the same problem. I also didn’t see any hashtag stories and not even posts from hashtags in my feed. This changed today after downloading the recent IG update.

Nope nothing, just F/UF stopped because of the blocks

Hahaha maybe :joy:

Yea, but maybe 60-100 Views from Like Exchange+
And not 2k-5k :thinking:

Ok so they blocked us from following to increase stories, story use and story ads? :thinking:

same here i got 15k story views yesterday on a random story about the nba finals lmao only usually get 1000 story views

Pretty sure you got some of my story views too :joy:

I dont know if i’m wrong, but Instagram should have release the fact that Stories can now appear in the Explore page !

Maybe its the reason, you get tons of views ?


I agree with Dylan here. Instagram is testing a new feature to promote insta stories through explore. Your story will appear on the explore page if it has many shares and replies.