Story Views, How well is it?

I don’t know what’s the usual engagement for story views so can anyone tell me if these are some okay numbers or what… 17.4K followers. Story posted 6 hours ago and 1717 views on story.

Yes the numbers are good. What I have observed is the story views lies between 10-30% in general (95% cases)

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2k for 6 hours seems pretty cool, keep it up

1717 in 6 hours is great! How did it do in 24 hours?
And did you use a hashtag or gif in the picture?

In general, a picture with gif or a video does better in stories. Add hashtags and geo locations (prominent, hidden in background color) for better performance

Why don’t you ask Jarvee about it? :smile:
This topic is about the stats, not about the automation

So it’s been 22 hours now and it is at 7205 views. No hashtags or gif.

Thanks for that

its super good my friend 7k for 22 hours


I guess, thanks

Hey, that’s amazing! If you want your stories to be seen by more people, you only have to use hashtags and locations :wink:

Focus on creating a valuable content, not on numbers :wink: