[Strange Observation] - Bots followed by Stars?

Was experimenting with Instagram this morning and came across something weird out of nowhere. I thought I should share as it may be of some connection to the recent updates to the Instagram platform itself. Through reading this forum myself, I have discovered that during the wave of follow blocks accounts were still able to follow the massive 1 Million plus accounts that Instagram suggested, which was odd. Here is the method and findings from the experiment this morning.


  1. Created a random account with a generic name
  2. Followed all the users that Instagram suggested me to follow
  3. Went to one of the bot accounts that followed me
  4. Examined the FOLLOWERS list of the bot account.

This bot was being followed by the most famous accounts in the world… or that is all Instagram wanted me to see. When scrolling through the followers list this is all IG displayed to me and no this was not the suggested list… Found it odd so I thought I should share to gather others thoughts

Are you sure that those are not just the users Instagram suggests you when you scroll down in someones ‘follower’ list?


Lol you’re trippin I just looked up his handle and went through his followers and there’s no famous followers


100 % Checked to make sure

Just added a title so people know what it is about @cmluke Feel free to change…

It even has the ‘Because you followed x’ underneath them